Newsletter Highlights

Monthly Wrap-up of the Following Areas:


Covers cutting edge corporate finance issues that impact your business. Developing a plan to manage your capital requirements, cash and cost management and controls are the focus of these topics.


Accounting and Auditing
Covers the most recent developments by the major regulatory accounting and auditing bodies.


Keeps you updated on income, payroll, transaction, property tax issues and legislations around the world and fundamental planning concepts to minimize one of the largest costs for any business.


Systems and Database Management
Covers the fundamental issues and industry trends that you need to know to manage your company's needs.


Real Estate
This is the biggest asset or cost for many of our clients and provides ideas to manage your biggest investment and the costs related to expansion and maintaining your locations.


Human Resources
Real Estate may be your biggest asset but human resources locally, nationally and internationally has the biggest impact on your business. Topics focus  on cutting edge trends to best manage your most important asset and managing the costs related to attracting, developing and maintaining the very best people.


Litigation Support
Covers trends and developments regarding litigation and the issues related to demonstrating value or loss in the litigation process.


This is a popular topic area because many of our clients are still looking for the right roadmap to manage the outsourcing decision process and understanding the value that it might add to their business.